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Since opening our business in 2010, we have been committed to providing Southeastern Ontario families with the best insulation solutions for their homes.

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We are a father and son team that takes pride in providing personalized service, paying attention to detail and producing quality work, every time

From the moment you contact us until long after the job is complete we will be working with you to ensure that everything is perfect. Starting with your free estimate, continuing with professional installation and a product that requires zero maintenance, our service will exceed expectations. By making one simple choice to work with EcoComfort Spray Foam, you are choosing to save money on energy costs for decades and preserve the value of your home.

As a family owned and operated business, going above and beyond the call of duty is not extra, it is just how we do business. Let’s face it, nobody knows harsh Canadian winters better than a fellow Canadian. According to Statistics Canada, the average household in the province of Ontario spends over $2000 per year on heating cost. At EcoComfort Spray Foam, we believe it is our duty to provide the community with the means to stay warm, help the environment and save money.

The EcoComfort Difference

At EcoComfort we do not have staff, we just have family. You will be able to tell the difference it makes when an owner is doing the estimate, installation and quality control. To us, it is about more than the reputation of our business. We believe that we set ourselves apart by being a family owned and operated company that truly takes the time to care about each individual project. We truly understand and relate to every family, business and property that we work with, viewing each project as our new opportunity to help make the world a better place.

Everything that we do is founded in our family values of hard work, integrity and honesty.

Working with people in this manner has produced many strong relationships and has led many people to recommend our product to people they know. Word of mouth does not just happen by accident, it stems from a truly genuine feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction with the work, the final product and the service received throughout.

Proudly Canadian

We are proud to be a Canadian company, serving Canadians by providing the best possible insulation products and services. By working tirelessly to protect homes, we also get to protect those that call them home and make the world a better place one house at a time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Hi, we’re Bob and Randy Herrington.

Since 2010 we’ve become the go to experts for spray foam insulation in Kingston and the surrounding areas. People choose to work with us on a wide range of insulation projects from new builds, to crawl spaces and everything in between. Please get in touch for a free estimate and find out how we can help insulate your next project.

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“Always on schedule.”

“I have worked with EcoComfort Spray Foam Insulation several times. They are always on schedule and on budget.

-Mark Gerretsen, GP Property Management

“Highly Recommend”

“I would highly recommend Bob and Randy Herrington and Eco Comfort to anyone contemplating spray foam insulation.”

-Dan Corcoran, Len Corcoran Excavating Limited

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