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Difference between normal insulation and WALLTITE ECO

According to Statistics Canada, the average household in the province of Ontario spends over $2000 annually just to heat their home. Not only is this a hard hit to the wallet, but it has grave and lasting impacts on our environment, especially if you consider the number of new homes being developed across the nation. What’s worse? It is only reasonable to expect utility costs to continue increasing as demand for natural resources grows and populations fluctuate. Every inch of WALLTITE ECO spray foam insulation provides R7/LTTR 6 of insulation, reducing energy use by up to 40%. This results in huge savings on your energy bills and decreases your harmful contributions to the environment. Just think, if everyone had WALLTITE ECO spray foam insulation installed in their home, we would be working towards a more sustainable and healthy way of living. Spray Foam does this by creating an air barrier within your home that reduces unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions and because it is made using only recyclable materials, it contributes to reduced waste. The following are the many areas that heat, cold air infiltration and leakage occur that can double your energy bill. In addition these leaks compromise the quality of your indoor air and can contribute to health issues if they continue unchecked over long periods of time.


Radiant heat and cold

Leaking ducts

Uninsulated ducts

Roof penetrations like plumbing vent stacks and exhaust fans

Recessed lights

Wall top plates

Window framing

Unsealed chases between floors

Wall light switches

Dropped soffits

Electrical wall outlets

Plumbing penetrations, pipe & duct runs

Sill plates

Door framing

Fireplaces and chimneys

Band boards between floors

Appliance vents

Outdoor faucets

Crawl spaces

Uninsulated basement walls

WALLTITE ECO spray foam insulation addresses each of these problem areas and provides the maximum amount of insulation currently available commercially. In addition, WALLTITE ECO seals out harmful pollutants and allergens, helping to protect your house and the people that call it home.


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