Spray Foam Insulation



Spray Foam works as an air barrier system that helps control vapour movement, reducing the harmful impacts of condensation, moisture, mold, ice damage, premature deterioration and generally helps improve the health of your home over the long term. Spray Foam can only be installed up to two inches at a time, so the only option is to hire certified professionals. For this reason, we take pride in being one of the few companies in Southeastern Ontario that specializes in residential WALLTITE ECO insulation. We can also execute commercial and industrial jobs upon request.  Our WALLTITE ECO  is one of the most forward-thinking home improvement products currently available to consumers. For starters, the product helps homeowners invest in the longevity of their property and protect the large investment that was made. Further, by saving on energy costs and cutting down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions, Spray Foam adds a dimension of enhanced environmental consciousness. The largest cost of any project is the labour and that is because installing Spray Foam takes much less time than other forms of insulation. Because the product is spray-applied, less time is needed to fuss with the positioning and making the insulation fit a particular space.


We stand behind this product because of its quality and because of our commitment to building a healthier environment for future generations. It is not too late to make your contribution, choose WALLTITE ECO. You won’t be disappointed.

Below you will find some important features of WALLTITE ECO that make it one of the most sought after forms of environmentally friendly insulation:

R6 per inch, reducing energy use by 40%

Adds structural strength

Reduces noise transmission

Repels water, and creates an effective vapour barrier preventing condensation, mold, and mildew

Does not sag, shrink, or deteriorate

Manufactured using recycled and renewable natural materials

Difference between normal insulation and WALLTITE ECO

In some areas the building code may require spray foam insulation to be covered by an approved thermal barrier. This includes all types of foam insulation. In many cases spray foam is covered by 1/2 inch drywall so no added measures are required. In the case where drywall will not be used EcoComfort Spray Foam offers DC315, a intumescent coating for spray foam. While EcoComfort Spray Foam installs exclusively WALLTITE ECO spray foam we can install thermal barrier over any existing spray foam or other foam insulation requiring protection. We invite you to call us today for detailed pricing and further information about where thermal barriers are required and what we can do to help.

If you have any questions or require further information not found on our website, we invite you to contact us at any time by calling 613-549-0547 or sending us an email to ecocomfortfoam@hotmail.com


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