Blown Insulation


Proper ventilation in your attic is an important part of keeping your house dry and free of harmful substances like mould. Having a properly ventilated attic also protects your home from the impacts of ice dams that occur without much fail during your average Canadian winter. When you call EcoComfort Spray Foam we will conduct a free on-site assessment of your attic and inspect whether or not there is proper ventilation and all of this is done before we even consider installing our insulation products. In the event that we deem there to be insufficient ventilation, we can also help install that for you. We do this to provide your home with what we call a complete attic insulation package that will pay dividends for years to come, save you money and help improve the health of our environment.


EcoComfort Spray Foam exclusively uses Weathershield cellulose to insulate attics or its many benefits. When compared to other fibrous insulation products, ours is far superior. Cellulose’s main performance advantage is its ability to provide a strong air barrier for any property. The product can be installed itself or can be installed over top of existing insulations to provide a “cap”. By doing this, we will be allowing the insulation you already have to perform better in conjunction with the newly installed cellulose. Weathershield cellulose insulation delivers long-term fire retardant protection and unlike other insulation products, will not melt or support flame. This product does not itch, nor contain any harmful emissions or chemicals and best of all it is treated to repel insects and rodents. Lastly, this product will not promote the growth of harmful mould or fungi.



In nearly all houses, new or old, the attic is by far the easiest place to upgrade insulation. By making an investment in improving the insulation in your attic, you are sure to see a timely return. In many cases, our team at EcoComfort Spray Foam can bring an attic to an R-Value surpassing today’s building codes and we can do it in a timely fashion. In less than a day we can retrofit your attic with insulation for far less money than you would expect. At EcoComfort Spray Foam we take pride in being a company you can trust for blown insulation in Kingston and surrounding areas. This has to do with the confidence we have in the products we sell, work with everyday and use in our own homes.



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